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Site Specific Engagement

Site Specific Engagement

As part of our aim to develop barrier free access to heritage, we have designed a framework to create bespoke, immersive, location specific heritage performances. That allow both young and old to experience and learn about the historic building.

As part of this process we research a site and its surroundings to tease out the historical characters and their associated stories from the past. This may include visits to the property, interviews with heritage researchers and groups in addition to conversations with those who use the spaces daily. especially those who will have picked up urban legends along the way.

We then submit this research to our creative team who create a bespoke product for our actors to re-imagine.

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What this does is provide you the opportunity to quite literally bring your history to life. The characters will jump from the portraits on the walls to provide those in attendance with a real life, constructed historical account of an event through a site specific time period. This not only allows for you to provide an immersive educational experience to visitors, but it also expands your educational offer to local schools studying local history (KS2).

What is even better is the stories can then be taken on the road to create a unique outreach opportunity for your organisation. Imagine transporting your history to a local school hall or classroom to inspire the next generation about the importance of heritage preservation, and the reveal the unique history for which they will themselves become apart of.