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Business Practice and Development for the Heritage Sector

Business Practice and Development for the Heritage Sector

After being around for a while we understand and recognise most of the Heritage Sector is maintained and run by volunteers, with skill sets that do not necessarily contain experience or expertise in the business end of a heritage operation. It can be years before a growing organisation can employ an executive to provide them that insight. We can fill in and be a helping hand until that time.


The Team at Torchlight Heritage have experience across the realm of charity and company governance including the development of strategic short, medium and long term forward plans, providing discussion and training for charitable boards around the legal responsibility of liability of trustees. As well as other core points around CPD for charity trustees.

The Team also have decades of experience in marketing and Public Relations which is an area we have found to be one of the hardest to address within the wider charitable sector. The team have collectively and individually developed national and multi national marketing strategies for business, as well as creating digital and print content for organisations in the form of branding, Websites, Brochures and holographic message presentation.

At Torchlight Heritage, We genuinely want to help protect, restore and develop the heritage sector. It costs nothing for general advise and guidance and for anything further the quote can be flexible to accommodate almost any budget.